First birthday number one cake

It’s been just over a year since I decided to start this blog. I started it for a number of reasons. First writing makes me think through issues in a way that no other method of thinking does. Second, as a chief audit executive it can be lonely. It is difficult to form close friendships with those you manage (though this does not prevent me being friendly) it is also difficult to form close friendships with those you audit (though again I am a friendly auditor). It is also difficult to form friendships with those whom you work for (audit committee, senior managers). Third a blog is a good way to keep me writing, which is necessary for my PhD study.

What has gone well? I believe I have put together some thoughts, debate and discussion about internal audit. I am also a lot clearer in my own mind about many issues tackling the profession. I am also clearer on where the profession, in my view, needs to go and how it is going to get there. I think that the blog has helped me in my work. It has enabled me to consider difficult and challenging issues underlying what I do and to work through why I do what I do or to consider what I should have done differently.

What has not gone well. The blog has not yet reached to the highest echelons of the blogosphere. I’m not sure that an internal audit blog ever would, but at the same time I do not believe, particularly in my experience this year, that the rest of the profession has internal audit practice stitched up and sorted. I would hope, therefore, that my blog would be of interest. Second I have not had the levels of comments and feedback I had hoped for. I am not always right (most of the time but not always!) and thus I really, genuinely, value others’ opinions. Apart from a few good comments my posts have not prompted the response I had hoped for.

Overall I think doing a blog has been a good thing and has been a good reflexive part of my professional development. I think I will continue this next year and see how it goes. Thanks to those who have taken time to read my thoughts and those who have commented. More comments always welcome – there is no wrong answer to most of what I write about!