Just a short post.

I like this time of year. The weather gets colder (for us in the northern hemisphere) and Christmas and all of trappings of the season draw closer. It is amazing how many things seem to sparkle and glow at Christmas. There is a real sense of new hope.

I see Christmas not just as religious thing, but as a social and cultural thing as well. Hence I take pleasure from the whole trappings of Christmas too. We have the new advertisements from Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Coca Cola and other retailers. We have the colder weather with its comforting cold and darkness (nothing better than being cosy at home in the cold weather). We have the season of advent leading up to Christmas, with much the best liturgical music. We have places that are literally Christmas: Edinburgh; London; and my absolute favourite, York.

So how does this relate to audit? Well at work our staff kitchen has some rather dull and boring looking Christmas cacti. This last week they have suddenly burst forth into fantastic pink and white flowers. This reminds me of my team. They have worked hard this year and the flowers of audit growth, both collectively and individually have begun to blossom. It is quite the best bit about being a CAE, to provide to space, culture, support and direction for people to really develop and grow and then to see it happen.

Much like a Christmas cacti!