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Just a short post. So, I’ve been travelling again. This time somewhere not too bad. In fact a very pleasant destination in the greater scheme of things. Now anyone who travels for work will soon tell you that travel is not glamorous or pleasant. In fact it is the opposite. Tiring, stressful, exhausting etc etc. The very worst thing about travelling is when you are on your own.

Being away from home, especially in nicer places can be worse. You experience a nice city, or environment and miss your family all the more. The very worst, for-one experience is eating out. I’ve got better at it, but still not perfect. I take a book, or the iPhone, and can distract. Ultimately however the conversation and chat that is the real pleasure in having a meal is missing. It turns into a functional experience.

The real insight I had from this trip is how much harder audit is on your own. No one to challenge, support, cajole, cheer up or entertain you. E-connectivity helps. I have been able to ‘virtually pester’ my team whilst I’ve been away. This has been helpful. The evening chat, about risk, controls, audit opinions and general opinion-forming has been missing.

So audit for one? No not really recommended!